Cable TopSolar PV ZZ-F / H1Z2Z2-K

  • Conductor: Tinned copper, class 5 (flexible)
  • Insulation: Halogen-free LSZH rubber
  • Сovering: Halogen-free LSZH rubber
  • Service life: 30 years according to UNE-EN 60216-2
  • Installation conditions: Tinned copper
  • Application: Photovoltaic installations


TopSolar cable ZZ-F / H1Z2Z2-K is a universal single-core solar PV cable certified according to TŪV & EN, specially designed for connecting photovoltaic panels. The TopSolar ZZ-F / H1Z2Z2-K cable is super flexible. Conductor – tinned copper, class 5 (flexible), according to EN 60228 and IEC 60228. The cable is compatible with all main types of connectors. Suitable for wet conditions.

The cable is used in fixed and mobile solar stations (ground, roof, floating). Service life is 30 years at 90°C. Able to withstand up to 120°C. Due to its extreme flexibility and reduced diameter, it is easy to operate and takes up less space in the pipes. The recommended cable is made of high quality ethylene propylene insulation and coated with ethyl acetate (EVA).

Insulation – halogen-free LSZH rubber with low smoke emission. The covering is halogen-free LSZH rubber (red or black) with low smoke emission.

Electrical parameters: Low voltage 1.5 / 1.51kV (1.8) kV DC.
Temperature mode: Maximum operating temperature 120°С, minimum operating temperature -40°С.
Fire resistance: Doesn’t spread combustion according to UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1.
Mechanical features: Minimum bending radius of cable 3 x Ø, impact resistance AG2.
Chemical features: excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, petroleum products and mineral oils
UV resistance: UV resistance according to EN50618 and TÜV 2Pfg 1169-08.
Water resistance: AD8 full immersion in water.
Service life: 30 years according to UNE-EN 60216-2.
Installation conditions: Open air, laying in the ground.
Application: Photovoltaic installations.


Conductor section (mm) 1 х 4 1 х 6 1 х 10
Diameter (mm) 5,3 5,9 7,0
Weight (kg/km) 57 76 120
A single-core cable in the air (А)(А) 55 70 98
A single-core cable on the surfaces (А) 52 67 93
For cables adjacent to the surfaces (А) 44 57 79
Loss of voltage (V/A – km) 14,3 9,49 5,46

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