Ground Mounting System SM-ST2VP

  • Basic structures material High-strength steel
  • Panels fastening Aluminium
  • Support type Driving piles
    Concrete pile driving
    Support element of mounting to concrete
  • Coating Hot zinc
  • Warranty period 10 years
  • Lifetime 25 years
  • Row 2 rows
  • Panel arrangement Portrait


The SM-ST2VP system is the ability to install solar photomodules according to the design principle. Thanks to additional sections, the mounting structure is formed with any number of panels. If necessary, the finished mounted system is expanded by additional sections, which helps to increase the power of the power plant.

SONNEN METAL has developed a constructive clamping solution that allows panels to be fixed on both sides. Installing panels from below reduces the amount of additional equipment, thereby reducing installation costs. Moreover, the use of SM clamps significantly speeds up the installation. This affects the efficiency of putting the facility into operation and the beginning of the payback of the power plant.

All designs are resistant to loads and comply with European and international standards.

Zinc coating Z600 (continuously hot dip galvanized according EN 10346:2015) extends the life of finished products by protecting the steel against corrosion.

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