Ground Mounting System SM-ST4H

  • Basic structures material High-strength steel
  • Panels fastening Aluminium
  • Support type Driving piles
    Concrete pile driving
    Support element of mounting to concrete
  • Coating Hot zinc
  • Warranty period 10 years
  • Lifetime 25 years
  • Row 4 rows
  • Panel arrangement Landscape


Quick, easy installation thanks to a combination of lower weight (compared to analogs) and original fasteners, allowing panels to be mounted on both sides.

Specially selected high-strength steel grade reduces the structure weight, significantly reduces the price and transportation costs. Herewith the resistance of structures to loads meets the DBN and DSTU norms.

Hot zinc coating of each part performed according to ISO 1461:2009 provides anti-corrosion resistance for several decades.

Protocol coating corrosion resistance testing (375 KB, PDF)

Addition to the protocol (842 KB, PDF)

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