Ground Mounting System SM-ST2EW

  • Basic structures material High-strength steel
  • Panels fastening Aluminium
  • Support type Driving piles
    Concrete pile driving
    Support element of mounting to concrete
  • Coating Hot zinc
  • Warranty period 10 years
  • Lifetime 25 years
  • Row 4 rows
  • Panel arrangement Portrait


The advantage of a ground system with orientation to the east and west is that at angles of 10-15 ° they are installed closer to each other, eliminating shading and allowing maximum filling of the space on the site.

Own engineering solutions allow to accelerate installation, provide durability and resistance to atmospheric phenomena.

A specially selected high-strength grade of steel reduces the weight of structures, significantly reduces the price and transportation costs. At the same time, the load resistance of structures meets all European and international standards.

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