Ballast mounting system SM for a flat roof

  • Basic structures material High-strength steel
  • Panels fastening Aluminum
  • Coating Pre-galvanized Z600, HDG
  • Warranty period 10 years
  • Lifetime 25 years
  • Panel arrangement Landscape


Ballast mounting system is designed for flat roofs and used to be installed without anchorage. The advantage of the system is that it does not damage the waterproofing carpet and prevents the flow of roofing material. Thanks to the use of a special lining, the load is evenly distributed on the roof and this prevents deformation of a thermal insulation. The specially selected lightweight grade of steel reduces the weight of the structure, making installation quick and easy.

Hot-dip galvanizing of each part in accordance with ISO 1461: 2009 gives anti-corrosion resistance, thus prolonging the service life for several decades.

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